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Your life seems so much more complete with your loving family pet around. And while each stage in your pet's life comes with its joys, there may also be some challenging times ahead. The good news is that you can plan for some of the more difficult times by putting an Agria pet insurance plan in place. We are an Appointed Representative of Agria Pet Insurance Limited and have chosen this exciting partnership with a company that shares our dedication to continued pet care services at the times when you and your pet need it the most.

Why choose to insure your pet?

Much like home or auto insurance, a pet insurance policy can help provide peace of mind by kicking in to help cover costs when your loving pet has an injury, faces a serious health problem and requires urgent veterinary treatment.

Veterinary medicine and veterinary surgeons can do amazing things for pets these days, but the costs for scans and other treatments associated with the continued care for your unwell pet can quickly add up. When you have Agria pet insurance, though, you don't have to choose between worrying costly care and your sick pet? Agria's nose to tail pet insurance cover protection can help you do right by your special furry friend.

Why not see how Agria Pet Insurance LIFETIME policies compare and we have provided 4 weeks FREE cover with your pets microchip registration today*

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* All eligible pets registered with Pet Identity UK will be notified on completion of your pet's registration process. Electronic policy cover will be generated within the registration process allowing for all eligible pets/pet owners to undertake the 4 weeks FREE insurance cover and can be continued at any time by following the links contained within the electronic documents provided.

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