Why microchip?

It's the law

From April 2016 it becomes the law that every dog in the UK must be microchipped.

It gets them home

Losing a pet you love is devastating. Microchips help them find their way home.

Lifetime Protection

It's a quick and easy way of protecting your pet for life.

It's safer

Dog theft rose 40% in the last 3 years

It's easier

Reporting your dog missing is easy with Home Pet 365.

It's affordable

Registration & updating your details are FREE.

Pet Recovery

Our Home Pet 365 service is designed to notify, identify and reunify lost pets rapidly.

If your pet's microchip is registered on the FREE Pet Identity UK database, you can report them lost and we will automatically alert all dog wardens, vets and animal welfare services within a 10 mile radius of your lost pet - AT NO COST.

Please remember - a microchip only works when your details are kept up to date. If you've changed address, got a new phone number or no longer own your pet - let us know below.

Extra peace of mind for only £20 per year

Our unique Tag I.D. is extra peace of mind for your pet. In the likely event that your straying pet is found by a member of public with no scanner - the Tag I.D. provides the contact number and unique code for the person to call and reunite you with your pet quickly.

What's more if you take out pet insurance with Pet Identity there is no charge for your tag - a saving of £20 per year.


Click for the most frequently asked questions about microchipping your pet.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Are your pet's details up-to-date?

Every time you move home, change phone number or even if your pet changes hands, remember to notify us here. Updates are free, and ensure that your pet's microchip remains effective.

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